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Friday, November 26, 2010

Tiger Tanks in Sweden

Shortly after WWII the Swedish Army purchased some Panzers from the Allies for testing, such as a Panther and a King Tiger (Tiger II). The latter was shot to pieces, but since a couple of days a Swedish private museum has a functioning full-scale replica of a Tiger I.

This is the vehicle, based on a Soviet T-55 tank:

This is while it still was in the UK, where it was made. PHOTO: Roland Jarl

This is the arrival the other day at the Global War Museum north of Gothenburg. AFV-buffs will know that the wheels do not look quite right, but this is something the new owner intends to improve on. PHOTO: Roland Jarl

The replica Tiger I was brought to Sweden this fall but only arrived some days ago at the Global War Museum located between Gothenburg and Norway, owned and operated by Roland and Pernilla Jarl. The delay was due to that it first took part in some reenactments in southernmost Sweden. Thanks for sending the photos, Roland.

BTW, in the 1980s I believe there were still some Tiger II parts lying around in Västergötland on the site where it had been shot up (in the 50s?). I am positive these parts are long since gone. Does someone know who took care of them, a museum I should hope.


  1. Thank You Mr Gyllenhaal for publishing my new "pet".

    In the world today we have 6 original remaining Tiger I in different condition. 6 replicas have been built, one is displayed in another museum and three of them is in USA and one that is rebuilt in 1971 is in Hungary.

    All of this five is built on a T-34 and my Replica is built on a T-55 in 2001.

    It has almost perfect proportions and I am now going to finsih it to a perfect replica. This is the best thing to have your own museum without any other to decide what you "should do".

    Please, if anybody wants to donate or sale anything from a real Tiger I, I am all ears.


    I will provide Mr Gyllenhaal with more information about Tiger tanks that was shot to pieces... after the war here in Sweden. Tiger II in fact but this is a very sad story.

    I have more historical weichles in my collection and they are for hire to movies and the Tiger but with an other driver than me. I have never drove a Tank before and I was two meter away to crash with the neighborhouse.. So I have a perfect team of five that is capable to drive and shoot with simfire.

    Best regards

    Roland Jarl
    0046 +524 12702 Open everyday!

  2. Regarding Tiger-parts.. I believe that the panzer-museum in Axvall, Skaraborg,(now relocated to Strängnäs)had a Tiger engine. Maybe from the above mentioned Tiger?

  3. 1 April 2012
    from the Daily Mail UK......
    Back on the move again after 70 years.....
    Mighty Tiger 131 is put through its paces for anniversary challenge.
    Only surviving example restored to wartime specification in working order.


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