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Monday, October 24, 2011

New Eastern Front Photos

These three new photo books contain an amazing amount of previously unseen images of German, Finnish and Soviet soldiers and equipment.

Bair Irincheev is the author of one Winter War photo book that I have already reviewed and one brand new book on the Winter War that I am still reading. Here follows a tripple review of three photo books from Irincheev released this fall.

The fall of 2011 means it is now 70 years since the Siege of Leningrad that lasted from September 8, 1941 to January 27, 1944. It is thus quite fitting that two of Bair Irincheev's new photo books deal with this siege.

Target Leningrad contains 120 previously unpublished photos that will be of great benefit for both battlefield tours of the area, modellers and those with a special interest in e.g. the 6th Panzer Division. One of the German officers featured is General Erich Hoepner, later executed for being part of the failed 1944 conspiracy against Hitler.

Although I have seen thousands of Eastern front photos before I must say that the scale of destruction in several of the photos in both Target Leningrad and Palaces Destroyed does not fail to make a lasting impression on me. The latter book is simply a must if you are going to tour the palaces around Saint Petersburg.

In a similar way, Finland Strikes Back is the book to bring on a trip to Vyborg. Aside from the combat itself this book shows many strong portraits of both Soviet and Finnish soldiers and Soviet AFVs.

To order these three photo books see this page. Last but not least, Bair Irincheev also offers specialized tours for military history buffs, check them out.

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