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Friday, January 07, 2011

Jarl and Jake

Jarl with his Lego version of Jake. The toothpick-thing is a desert bush/hiding-place for a treasure that Jake is supposed to find (or guard?).

It was great fun meeting several American relatives in their own country some years ago. Our son Jarl (4) is still a bit young for such major travel, but my father decided to unite the two Gyllenhaal family branches as a Christmas present.

Well, the way he did this was not that expensive, actually. He gave his grandson a Lego version of Jake as a Persian prince:

After a while Jarl asked the question: "but, how did our relative turn into a Lego figure?"


  1. How are you and Jake actually related to each other?

  2. Hi Carlota, it goes back several generations, but we share a common forefather: Nils G. Gyllenhaal.