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Friday, April 29, 2011

Germans & Allies in Sweden

New photos and documents show that Sweden had a higher presence of German AND Allied soldiers than previously known.

The first series of photographs from the most hotly debated WWII incident in Sweden, the transition of a German division through Sweden in 1941. The shooting down of foreign aircraft by the Swedish armed forces - ten German aircraft shot down in 1940 alone. New details and photos of US and British bases in Sweden 1943-45.

These are just some of the ingredients in my new book, Germans and Allies in Sweden. Other highlights are secret prewar weapon projects between Sweden, Germany and the Soviet Union, the truth behind Swedish police reports of SS-werewolves on the Swedish border and something of a U-boat-scoop: Sweden in 1932 trained German submarine officers, of which at least one later sank a Swedish ship - a hitherto unknown example of naval blowback...

As indicated from the cover the book is today only available in Swedish. Here is the official book presentation in Swedish.

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  1. should as soon as possible get hold of the book, perhaps at the local Akademibokhandeln? shall let you know how it goes. gian