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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Swedish SOG in Video Game

At 0:51 there is Norway's FSK followed by "S SOG".

The above trailer for the upcoming shooter "Medal of Honor: Warfighter" indicates that Swedish and Norwegian special forces soon for the first time will appear in a video game.

A long list of special forces share the abbreviation SOG. But I am pretty sure that the "S SOG" mentioned in the new game trailer can only mean Sweden's Särskilda operationsgruppen, which was formed last year from two SF units (SSG and SIG). Spain too has a SOG, but Spain is usually not indicated by a S but by ES. In addition, Norway's FSK-HJK appear just before "S SOG".

Swedish special forces in the game also don't seem that odd considering that the game engine is Swedish, the same as in "Battlefield 3".

In Swedes at War two of the "grandfathers" of Swedish special forces are featured quite extensively: Allan Mann and Erik G:son Lewenhaupt. Both served in Norwegian/British elite units during WWII. Incidentally, Allan Mann served in Kompani Linge of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), a direct precursor of today's Norwegian FSK-HJK. In addition to Allan Mann there were 5 or 6 more Swedes within the SOE, but these had no impact on postwar developments.


  1. American video game on Swedish game engine will have Swedish special forces, when Swedish video game on the same engine hadn't. Irony.

  2. One more ironic thing: American "Medal of Honor: Warfighter" will have Swedish Aimpoint sights, when Swedish "Battlefield 3" hadn't.

  3. Swedish BF3 has American Trijicon Reflex sights...

    1. So will "Medal of Honor: Warfighter", but in addition rather than instead of.