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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Polish Navy at Narvik in 2010

The best display I have seen I saw at Narvik in 2010 and here it is again!

Two years ago I blogged about the 70th anniversary events in Narvik. Just today Mikael, my friend and travelling companion to Narvik, found a nice video from that day.

The clip shows the most impressive gymnastic abilities of the Polish Navy. Note also their use of the unofficial theme song of our Narvik trips...

BTW I would love to hear more from you Polish visitors of this blog. I can see from the statistics that quite a few people are interested of or have read my book in Polish i.e. Europa Pólnocna 1939-1945 ("Northern Europe 1939-1945"). My questions to you are these:

1. Which Polish town are you writing from?
2. Have you been to Narvik yet?

If you have not been to Narvik yet you might want to click on the words "Poland" and "Narvik" below this post and you'll see all posts about Poland and Narvik that I have written on this blog.

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