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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mountain Warfare Flame Thrower

A flaming hot alpine WWI reenactment produced just some weeks ago.

Being especially interested of war in the Nordic area I have grown interested of mountain warfare in general and therefore I cordially recommend this new video from the alps.

What an extravagant Monte Grappa reenenactment, with flame thrower and all. I have personally found some WWII German flame throwers up here in the Arctic that looked almost the same. I have some photos of my finds somewhere. If memory serves me right I found them on Kola and by Kirkenes. Have also seen some on the Narvik front and in the Lyngen line? Not sure about the latter, I am starting to mix up my trips!

Thanks for the tip, Klemen!


  1. Very nice!

    Austro-Hungarian assault tactics prohibited flamethrowers from being used in the first wave because the sappers were considered too vulnerable. In addition, flamethrower sappers were prohibited from engaging in frontal attacks. They were used exclusively to mop up pockets of resistance.

    In fact only the Germans used flamethrowers in frontal attacks in the first wave. All the other combatants kept flamethrowers in the second or third wave.

    Finally, all the combatants except for the British protected flamethrower operators with riflemen, grenadiers, and light machine gunners.

    Flame tactics were very complex.

  2. Germans used often the flamethrowers to take out from the bunkers the russian soldiers (siberians) that did not want to surrend.
    I ams not aware of the use in first wave.
    I had this information from my father that took part in the artic war in Russia as gebrigsjaeger.