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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Russians Are Coming!

In fact, the Russkies are already here! In Boden, the Gibraltar of the North! A joint multinational task force was swiftly sent to the scene...

This is the sign for the exhibition that opened on June 6 in the garrison town of Boden in north Sweden:

The sign is very similar to the ones that previously surrounded Boden, but in those days, while there was still a Soviet Union, the signs proclaimed the town´s status as a closed city, i.e. closed for foreigners unless they had obtained permission to enter. I remember well getting that permission for an American relative.

In 2010 the message "The Russians Are Coming!" has a different meaning. It is an exhibition of contemporary Russian art. The exhibition is housed in a massive military storage house for oats, for the many military horses that Boden had until the 1950´s. Aside from the Russian art there is this summer also an exhibition about the military horse in the north. Some really superb photos have been located.

The new art centre in Boden is named after the type of military storage house it is housed in: Havremagasinet.

Havremagasinet was inaugurated by i.a. the garrison commander and among the many congratulating parties was P 5, the local armour historical association. Here are some photos of some of the vehicles P 5 put on display by Havremagasinet. Although not all are in Swedish Army paint and with Swedish markings they have all served in Boden or in other northern locations. In the summertime they are on static display in the P 5 Museum that has this nice website.

A Swedish Landsverk ikv 103 infantry support vehicle, basically from the 1950´s and it served until well into the 70´s. In the backgound an armoured recovery vehicle 82, also of Swedish make.

WWII era Dodge Weapons Carrier.

WWII era German Klöckner-Deutz.

Swedish Army Monark.

A 1970´s reenactor in a Hägglunds tracked anti-tank vehicle. But that mobile is not 1970´s...

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