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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dietl´s Russian Spy Ace?

A beautiful Russian ballerina working as a German Abwehr spy "helped to turn the course" of the battle of Narvik, several newspapers now state. The basis for this story being newly released files from MI5.

Did General Eduard Dietl "win" the battle of Narvik thanks to a Russian ballerina? Hardly. To begin with he did not defeat the Allies. But could the glamorous Marina Lie/Lee have helped him to hold out until the Allied withdrawal? This photo of Dietl was taken in 1943, on his left arm he is wearing his Narvik shield.

I.a. the British Telegraph has this story, and even papers in Australia.

Here is a Norwegian take.

I am still skeptical about the value of the secrets delivered by Marina Lie/Lee to General Dietl. However, I have looked through that Norwegian book bout her and will look deeper into this whole thing in a year or two when I can get down to completing my English-language book about WWII in the Arctic.

UPDATE: Doubt about this story is indeed very justified, read what Guy Walters has to say about it.


  1. Some reporters really haven't done their homework have they. Chamberlain had to resign because of the debacle in mid-Norway not because of Narvik which was a month later.

    Journalists looking to fill column inches?

  2. I rarely nowadays admit I sometime work as a journo...