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Friday, August 13, 2010

Foreign Legion Vikings

The about forty Swedes in the French Foreign Legion during WWI are a rather elusive bunch, but I just found a new photograph of one of them, together with a Norwegian volunteer.

Readers of Swedes at War will recognize the name Elow Nilson, the Swede in the French Foreign Legion during WWI that was the most well-known at the time. Well, here is a photo of him I have not seen before:

Elow Nilson and the Norwegian H. von Krogh, an engineer from Trondheim, most probably also serving in the Foreign Legion. From the Swedish weekly Vecko-Journalen, April 18, 1915.

Who knows more about von Krogh and how many Norwegians served France in WWI?

UPDATE 1: A friend in Norway just asked me if I had seen this American website with Elow Nilson´s death certificate. Nope, I had not! Thanks, Roger!


  1. H. von Krogh (Hans) may be the one who went down with the ship Simla during WWII


  2. Hej!

    Tack för en fantastisk bok!

    Jag undrar: finns Elow Nilssons namn på något franskt monument, förutom det i svenska kyrkan i Paris? Jag får aldrig något svar från de franska myndigheterna.

    1. I Gösta Waldemar Jönssons bok "5 års tjänst i franska Främlingslegionen" finns en bild på en minnestavla över de svenskar som stupade under 1:a världskriget. Har för mig att stenen fanns i Sidi Bel Abbès, men det är nog samma namn på den som i svenska kyrkan i Paris.

  3. There is one more monument for the Swedes fighting for France, this one: http://larsgyllenhaal.blogspot.com/2010/11/foreign-legion-contribution-remembered.html

    I know of no more.

    Kind regards,