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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ju 88 Shot Down by Swedes

On June 7 1940 Swedish anti-aircraft gunners adjacent to the Narvik area shot down yet another German aircraft, a Junkers Ju 88 C-1. Thanks to a Swedish Air Force veteran I recently got an unpublished photo of this aircraft. Searching for the "then and now" angle at the site of the crash landing we may have found remains of the aircraft.

This great Norwegian database has the story and the previously known photos of this Ju 88.

This is the photo of the Ju 88 from Mr. Engerby, a Swedish Air Force veteran who already in the summer of 1945 visited the Narvik area. PHOTO: Lennart Engerby

This seems to be the spot where the photo was taken, although I am not 100 percent satisfied with some landscape features.

An indication that we were at least standing very close to the right spot was that we found two of the following in the photographed area. Not in the water but somewhat hidden, above ground.

The inside reads voll/plein which is full in German and French. I presume these things were for filling large engines with oil, or something similar. If you recognize them, please do comment.

We left the "oil things" where we found them and if any Norwegian museum representative wants to know the more exact location I will gladly pass on that information.

Lennart Engerby had provided us with more photos from his 1945 battlefield trip, some of which we were able to do the "then and now" photo thing with. In coming posts I will show some of these images.


  1. What do you know of the Ju-88 that was salvaged in Torneträsk in 86?

  2. Only what Bo Widfeldt knows - see his book "Tyska nödlandare" p. 160 - it states in the end that private citizens retrieved the remains and sold it to a private German museum.