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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Narvik Paratrooper´s Poster

I shall now continue blogging about my latest Narvik trip. The only veteran we visited during this trip was Aage Bergvik. During WWII he served as a sharpshooter in the least known Norwegian wartime elite unit: the Norwegian Parachute Company.

Last fall my book Elitförband i Norden, i.e. "Elite Units of the North", was published. Alas, only in Swedish. But I plan to produce an English version (modified and expanded, not just a translation). For this reason it was important for me to meet Aage Bergvik in Narvik, as his unit is covered only superficially in my Swedish book.

I was quite astonished when Mr. Bergvik produced a poster depicting the Norwegian Parachute Company. Have any blog readers ever seen this one before?

The slogan reads "NORWAY FIGHTS her way HOME". As one of utterly few, Mr. Bergvik could inform me about the names of the depicted paras: the man in the centre is Olaf Augestad and the man to the left of him is 1st Lieutenant Lund. The third man´s name Bergvik could not recall. Any suggestions? As always, you can see the photo in greater detail by clicking on it

Looking at the poster one is reminded of how very similar the uniform and helmet of British and German paratroopers were. The Germans came up with the design.

Even in Norway the Norwegian Parachute Company is rather forgotten, in contrast to the "Linge" Company of "Max Manus" fame and the Norwegian commandos of No. 10 /Inter-Allied) Commando. Thanks to Mr. Bergvik the Parachute Company will be better covered in the English version of "Elite Units of North".


  1. Kåre Rodahl's book "Tre år som fallskermhopper" published in august 45 gives a great day to day life account of the guys who volunteered for this unit which was a part of the Norwegian Brigade in Scotland.
    The unit is not forgotten, just not as famous as the No 10 commando guys...

  2. Yep, that is certainly a good book, that I also refer to as a source in my elite unit book. But I believe it is also a book that very few people have.

    BTW I found out from another friend that there is a high resolution scan of the poster on the net. Just google "Norway fights her way home" and choose the Dutch website.



  3. John Kvalheim (John.Kvalheim@googlemail.com)6 January 2011 at 17:52

    Perhaps of interest to you ...
    My father (and his brother) was a member of Norwegian Parachute Company (Kp.F) from 1942 to 1945 and regularly attended reunions in Norway.
    He, Johannes Bertin Ingvaldsen Kvalheim & his brother Jon Ingvaldsen Kvalheim, left Radøy, north of Bergen, on the M/S Njørd (H 6 MG) which left Toska on Sept 15-1941 with 21 people and arrived Lerwick on Sept. 17. (http://www.warsailors.com/shetlandbus/boatsn.html).
    I also have a copy of that poster - however, it has "Forsvarsmuseet 1986" printed in the bottom left hand corner.
    For my sins I showed little interest in his war experiences (me being a typical teenager), but now he has died I realise what a lot we owe his generation.
    I can recall that he had a lot of action photos taken on Salisbury Plain & Ringway but do not know where they are now. It may be that my sister has them. I will try to find out.
    I also recall that his officer (Captain I think) was one “Gabriel Reed”, but that is my spelling and not the Norwegian.
    As with most Norwegian’s here during the war, he was frustrated at being held back from action by the Norwegian Govt. He said that they were actually in the air going to the infamous Arnhem drop but were called back.
    Thanks for keeping their memory alive.
    I would appreciate any further information on this unit that you could provide and will endeavour (if you so wish) to provide copies of anything my sister may have.
    Kind regards
    John Kvalheim

    1. Dear John,
      My name is Anna Kristina (sometimes Tina)Walton nee Reed. My father, who died last week, was Gabriel Reed. Your father worked with him for several years in our Building and Interior Decorating company. His funeral is tomorrow so am all over the place just now but would love to talk to you at some time if you agree. I, like you, knew very little of his activities in Scotland after he escaped Norway, not for want of trying to make him record his experiences then. Kind regards Kristina

  4. posters;; Min bestefar er avbildet på plakaten, har ein orginal utgave og eg veit der finnast ein på Akershus festning også! Norwegian Independent Parachute company også linge kompaniet

  5. H7 All for norway! er ei god bok også publised on the occasion of H.M. KING HAAKON`S 70TH BIRTHDAY
    August 3, 1942

    1. I have just managed to get a copy of that book over the web (I can remember my father having a copy as well, but cannot find it).
      It has a dedication from a Colonel A D Dale, Norwegian Army, 1942 on the inside cover.
      Was it (as I suspect) issued to all Norwegian combatants in 1942?
      All I have to do is translate it now. Come on Google !

  6. "bamse" er kallenavnet til mannen heilt til høyre!
    hilsen nygaardgeir@hotmail.com

  7. I know Gabriel Reed well and he lives in Fulham (though is getting on now) I believe he is the same "Gabriel Reed" referred to in John Kvalheim's post.
    Michael Ney

    1. Hi Michael,
      I am not sure if we actually met but I am Gabriel Reed's daughter Tina. Very sadly my father died nearly two weeks ago on 23rd October. The funeral is tomorrow. I know he thought very highly of you and that he enjoyed a fine relationship with you. I have never tried any sort od blogging so not sure how it works - you may never get this! Kind regard Kristina Walton nee Reed waltonlondon@dsl.pipex.com

    2. I am Gabriel Reed's daughter and I know Michael Neys name although not sure if we ever met. My father died 7 weeks ago. I am trying to find out more about what he was up to in the war and that is how I arrived in this website. Would love to hear from you my e mail is waltonlondon@dsl.pipex.com

    3. The third person is my father. Hilmar Andton Eliasson. He wascalled by severale nicknames by his friends from the war, shen they called for a talk and in his memory book for the "last" day in the military. The nicknames we do know are: Bamse (just in calls), memorybook: Elias, Spilton and Anton (last name a birthname he never used else). We also know he used 2 other names that was Bust - on and Buster! Some names could have been used as recovering names. That we do not know. My father started at Oslo Tekniske Høyskole as soon as the company were As soon as the company was dissolved. From 1946 to 1948 he shared room with Per Røed the uknown sabotager.. He and Per Røed and some more went into the ROC = Stay Behind in 1947 and succeded there until around 1975. The offiial dimmitering from the army are in 1968/69, A week ago we did find som photos that can indicate that my father had been in Norway in 1944 beyond the Russian Bombing of Vadsø in May 1944 June and August.We also know he got internert in Sweden in 1942 because he had joined some sabotages/being curer or border guide in Norway/ Sweden. He was not sent in return to Norway and the Gestapo since his father was Swedish, Who had left the family in Norway a few years before his wife died in 1930.. My father joined the Parachute company in Scotland.
      We should like to know what he did in Sweden/Norway from 1940 to 1942, but have trouble with finding his map or names in any arcivs. We also know he got some medals, but knot witch. I saw those a half year AGO , but my mother has hidden those know.

    4. Thank your for the feedback folks! Re Swedish involvement see the WWII books by Anders Johansson as well as my own book "Tyskar och allierade i Sverige", soon available in paperback too. Cheers, Lars