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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stunning WWII Aircraft Wreck Photos

A Junkers Ju 88 on Svalbard, just one of several stunning photos in this compilation.

The Ju 88 in the above clip is without location but I know from a film project I was involved in in that the location is Svalbard i.e. the group of Norwegian Arctic islands on the way to the North Pole.

I wonder, which book has the full story of the Svalbard Ju 88? Anything still at the site to see? The Ju 52 that appears after three minutes is, I think, close to Bodö in Norway. Probably photographed quite long ago. I think it has since been removed to the aircraft museum in Bodö.

Thanks, Mikke, for the tip - I hadn´t seen this one before.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Narvik Battlefields And Border Positions

Nice slideshow made by Erik Pakkala.

This is where my coming book largely takes place, the battlefields of Narvik. It is my first biography and is about Jan Danielsen, a young Swedish cavalry officer who first was a volunteer in Finland in the Winter War and then joins in the fight against the German invaders in Norway.

The hiker video (slide show) above features some of the places mentioned in my book as well as later German positions at the border with Sweden. The book will be released early next year.