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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Behind Swedes at War

This is where I will write about the books I have written; books I am writing and books by others. In addition I will sometimes review movies and comment on current events.

My main themes are modern wars with Swedish participants and WWII in the Arctic.

I am the author of Swedes at War published by the Aberjona Press in 2010, that I wrote together with Lennart Westberg. I have written four more books, but they are in Swedish. Eventually, more books in English will follow.

Last week I was in Stockholm and i.a. celebrated the release of Swedes at War with my parents, co-author and the book´s translator, Carl Finstrom. After the dinner my dad took this photo of us. From left to right: Carl Finstrom, me and Lennart Westberg.

We are glad to be able to say that the pilot on our book´s cover, William Yngve Anderson born in Kramfors in 1921, is still alive. Come back and I´ll tell you more about him - more than there is in the book. Recently there have also been some amazing developments around a group of Swedish volunteers for Finland - a story so new it is also not in the book.

Please do comment if you have any suggestions or additional information. Communicating with readers is not just a pleasure but often improves future book editions or leads to new discoveries/insights. Just remember that comments are not published automatically as I wish to remove spam.


  1. Congratulations, Lars! A good way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues, including those you've yet to meet!
    I'll do my best to keep up here!

  2. William Y Anderson is my grandfather. Random, I know. His study is amazing and filled with all sorts of WWII memorabilia. I loved growing up hearing all sorts of stories about his life and the war. I hope he gets to see me get married. I am the youngest of the grandkids.

  3. Amazing to hear from you, Mr. Anderson. Everyone´s grandfather is special. But yours is extra special. I have only communicated with him by mail and telephone but it was still something I will never forget, and your grandmother is surely a very warm and kind person too I gather from having spoken to her.



  4. My grandfather, William Y Anderson, passed away tonight. His legacy needs to continue on in novels such as yours. He was brilliant for aviation but even more amazing with his family. Please continue to carry on his name with integrity and honor. Thank you.

  5. My Uncle is Nils Rosén who is in the book Swedes At War. He was corresponding with me in regards to his capture by the Americans in the United States. It was either the Americans or the Russians. He gave his men the opportunity to choose which direction they would go. It is an amazing story. And the history he had to tell is quite interesting. His desire to meet with those that captured him did not occur as we were trying with those in the United States. Both he and his men wanted to Thank the Americans.

  6. To the family of William Y Anderson: my condolences to you on the recent loss of this great hero and dear family member. I'd like to get in touch with you, if possible. My father lived next door to the Anderson family for a few years during the Depression. He was so sad to hear of Yngve's passing. Apparently when the elder Anderson was out of work, the family lived for a time in a home built by my grandfather, William Donaldson. The last time my father, Gene, had contact with William Y was when he was flying commercial planes. My dad is 96 and it would mean a lot to him to have some sort of contact with the family. If you post a response here, perhaps we can correspond a little, privately.