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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swedish Volunteer Flag-bearer

Unknown Swedish volunteer in Finnish Hangö on December 4, 1941. Click on the photo to see it in larger size. PHOTO: Laurin Zilliacus

This above photo has been published in some Swedish books, notably Från Salla till Hangöudd by Anders Grafström. But so far the identity of the flag-bearer is unknown, at least to me. Perhaps some blog reader knows more?

The occasion is the liberation of Finnish Hangö in 1941 and the flag is from the Jäger Company Grafström, so, obviously the soldier is from that company. Note the mug hanging from the bag, the Finnish knife and Sami leather boots.

Who knows the name of the man, and how did you know?

Here is the source of this photo, Gamle Hurtig, a today very little known wartime Finnish journal in Swedish about the ongoing war with a special focus on Swedish volunteers:

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  1. Markku Seppänen26 May 2013 at 22:42

    Can't help with the soldier' name, but the photo is taken by Finnish Army propaganda unit. The photo belongs to SA-kuva collection, which is digitized and recently published by Finnish Defence Forces and National Archive of Finland. Web address is www.sa-kuva.fi and number of the photo is 65545 (there are almost 170 000 photos availlable). Caption says only "Captain Grafströms flag. Hangö 1941 Dec 4th". Photographer is L. Zilliacus as mentioned. Also pics 65543 and 65544 shows Swedish volunteers.