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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

New Narvik Books

Trond with the book from 1941 that I had never seen before.

Thanks to guide work I got the opportunity to briefly visit Narvik yesterday, and thus I could for the first time visit Trond Kristiansen's military history book shop, which has recently moved to the main street of Narvik.

Trond could show me several amazing books that I had never even heard of before, like the above original wartime produced book Wacht am Fjord (Guard of the Fjord). Trond not only sells the interesting books that his publishing company produces, he sells all kinds of military history, new and old. His prices are usually the lowest in Norway. Plus you get to chat with Trond, who knows a great deal about the history of the Narvik area. Looking forward to my next visit because I did not have time to see more than a fraction of the books.

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