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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Time Travel in Finnish Lapland

Made in Dresden and only use it with petrol, but what is it?

Early this summer two friends and I decided to again visit a former German WWII base in Finnish Lapland, that I have blogged about before. We revisited some sites and found some new ones. Let me immediately say that we did not trespass into any forbidden areas. Still, one should be very careful and to be completely safe not step on or lift anything rusty. If you still do so, let me clearly state that it is on your own risk and what everyone, including experienced folks, should always avoid, is touching mortar or artillery rounds. Also, leave the stuff for others to see, and report large rounds to local authorities.

One of several places with lots of German gas mask containers. Most very rusty but some with remains of paint

Hundreds of rusting Wehrmacht snow shoes in a heap. BTW I have seen very few photos of them in actual use.

Yes, these are WWII cartridges on the ground in 2013, thousands of them, in one place.

Remains of a bayonet holder. Although it looks dug it is not, thousands of pieces of kit are on the ground. Many have been here before though, so do not expect to find anything in good condition.

Finnish 1960s book about the Finnish Armed Forces, picked up for small sum in local 2nd hand store. Inside many photos of soldiers with both German and Soviet weapons.

I am still not keen to divulge the exact locations (also takes away part of the sport if I do), but let me give you a recommendation, the best place to stay and perhaps get some search tips is this cozy hotel.


  1. Hello! The first part JUWEL 33 is for a small benzin heater " Optimus " , many german soldiers made their food on it it was also included in the Luftwaffe survivel pack.

    Best Chrille

  2. In fact "Juwel" still is a pretty common brand of outdoor stoves. (At least it was until recently, I'm not sure whether they still exist as of now.)
    Also see google image search: http://www.google.com/search?q=campingkocher+juwel&tbm=isch

  3. In some parts of this area, it is not safe to leave road. German destroyed whole ammunition storages by exploding them. There are still numerous uxo in the ground...

  4. hello . find your site when searhing old wartime maps .. i live here near ivalo village in lapland and intrested those map of bases and fightingareas. can you help me