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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Major New Book About WWII Norway

Norway has been blessed with a number of really good WWII history books in recent years. The latest one that I find to be a real milestone is a WWII history of the Trondheim region. It has so many new and interesting photos that even if you don´t read Norwegian you should get it, provided you have a keen interest in Scandinavia during WWII.

The title in translation is The Bunker: Trondheim Under The Swastika and the authors are Karl H. Brox, Hermann Hansen and Knut Sivertsen. I agree with the authors that from the viewpoint of the German military, Trondheim, not Oslo, was the most important city in occupied Norway. But the book is both about the fighting in the area in 1940 and what happened afterwards. What strikes me as the book´s main strength, aside from the fantastic photos, is that it is the result of not years but decades of research. The collaboration of many Norwegians, the grandiose plans to remake Trondheim into a major German/Germanic city, info about little known German units - its all in this impressive book.

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