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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Wehrwolfs in the Arctic?

Ukrainian authorities have just announced that "Wehrwolf", Hitler´s most eastern headquarters, is to be adapted for more tourism.

I understand that the Red Army already during the war "permanently" sealed the underground parts of Wehrwolf complex. Will these parts too be opened, I wonder? Is there just concrete down there or could there be some history worth seeing?

The fascination with werewolves in the Third Reich is definately an intriguing subject. I recently wrote a chapter on the subject of Wehrwolfs in the Arctic. To be precise: in the area where Norway, Sweden and Finland converge. A friend in the Swedish police located two detailed Swedish police reports from 1945 on the subject. Thanks to above all a British friend in Arctic Norway I was able to find the truth, I believe, behind these reports. This chapter is in a manuscript I am still working on.

BTW I stumbled upon a genuine German advertisement for a vacuum cleaner called "Vampyr". It was in a German newspaper published in Sweden.

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