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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raoul Wallenberg, OSS and NKVD

The link between Raoul Wallenberg and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) may have been the main reason for the way he was treated by Soviet state security (NKVD to KGB). For more about this view see Swedes at War.

Today historian Susanne Berger has an astounding article about Wallenberg in Sweden´s most important newspaper, Dagens Nyheter. Berger argues that Sweden needs to do more and Russia needs to declassify more: "We know crucial documentation is available, but we are not allowed to see it, nor do we get adequate official help from the Swedish government to obtain access to it."

Yes, there is an English version of Berger´s text. The Swedish text is not (yet) online.

Susanne Berger is a former consultant to the Swedish-Russian Working Group that investigated Wallenberg's fate in Russia from 1991-2001.

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