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Monday, April 16, 2012

Nordland Panther in New Swedish Book

The cover of the new book for those with a special interest in the Panther tank.

The Swedish publishers Canfora have a special, and very heavy, corner in military history: books about WWII armour. I just got their new book Panther and can just say that I am in awe at the many magnificent photos.

Photographs is what Canfora books are mostly about. Large, high-quality and to a great extent unpublished. Scale models are a big part too, but I think also AFV-buffs not into modelling will appreciate Canfora books.

What I especially liked about Panther was seeing that Panther from "Nordland" and the photographs from the Hungarian battlefields, both from 1945, just after the war and today. Astounding to see the many AFV parts found in recent years, with paint fragments etc.

Overall an amazing book, although the language sometimes could be improved. Looking forward to more Canfora books, hopefully some day also about armour on the Finnish and Norwegian fronts!?

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