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Friday, August 24, 2012

German Infanteriekarren Just Salvaged

Last night this German WWII infantry cart was salvaged outside Lakselv, Norway. PHOTO: Roger Albrigtsen

It could carry ammunition, food, other supplies, even mounted weapons, and be pulled by horses, dogs, men, motorcycles and Kettenkrads. PHOTO: Roger Albrigtsen

Almost exactly two years ago I reported about some underwater finds in Lakselv, Norway. Last night one of them was finally brought up by a team of local enthusiasts, my friend Roger Albrigtsen just reported to me.

The condition is obviously not that good, but the wheels could still spin - after some 68 years below water.

Now there is even this Wikipedia-page about the cart in question, the Infanteriekarren IF8. For more about this find and other WWII finds and projects in that area of Norway - go to the WWII blog of my friends up there.

Thanks for the photos, Roger!

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