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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

My Epic Friend

Karl-Gunnar behind the wheel. That tyre by my thumb has been out there since the WWII patrols. Photos of WWII vehicle wrecks on the following pages.

My friend and co-author Karl-Gunnar Norén who this April with UK and US friends in 1943-dated Jeeps reenacted the patrols of the Long Range Desert Group is featured in the British Classic & Sports Car August issue in a 5-page story described on the cover as a "2300-mile Sahara epic".

The article "Arabian Knights" states that the trip in Egypt was "the ultimate off-roading adventure". I find it hard to disagree. But is it OK to do a trip like this, in these for Egypt dramatic times? I would say yes, as I believe that the trip showed that it is still very possible to visit Egypt - and the country certainly needs tourism for its economy, now more than ever.

If you have not seen the Youtube-clip from the epic trip, here it is.

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