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Saturday, October 20, 2012

BIG, Really BIG Models in Sweden

Yours truly in wooden Swedish-made Mark V in Sangis, Sweden. I reckon the scale is something like 1:1,5. PHOTO: Mikael Norman

I recently wrote about the British Mark V that has been magnificently restored in Arkhangelsk, Russia. Well, it is not the only British WWI tank in the Arctic if one takes into account this wooden model standing right beside the E4 highway in Sangis in northernmost Sweden.

Yes, the doors open so one can go inside.

This Bf 109-inspired model scale ca 1:3 is beside the tank.

The German fighter is in a dogfight with this Spitfire-inspired aircraft.

Sangis is a small village between Luleå and Haparanda. Beside the models there is a military surplus store that at least has had some WWII items. I understand that the models are unique and made by one and the same person, a friend of the owner of the surplus store.

Since I wrote this in 2012 some additional large scale models have been added like a wooden Jeep and a UFO.

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  1. Nice pictures Lars. I saw the tank and ufo 2 weeks ago, they are still there!