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Monday, October 22, 2012

Unique Red Army Diorama?

Yes, the Red Army infantrymen are placed in an ordinary drinking glass.

Recently two friends presented me with a Russian-made 1/35 scale WWII diorama (or vignette) of a kind I have never seen anywhere before. The idea is so simple, yet...

During my teens I was an active modeller and took part in some national competitions. Once I won a prize. I haven't done any serious modelling since then, but have recently done some simpler kits with our son, and found great joy in so doing. Sometimes I pick up modelling magazines, and when in Stockholm I at times check out hobby stores, to see finished kits on display and see whats new. I do not have to buy anything as I have lots of unbuilt kits. So, I kind of have an idea of what is going on in the modelling world, yet I have never before seen anything like this glass:

Note the barbed wire, very fine stuff. I reckon the soldiers are modified Zvezda figures.

Note the helmet straps and telogreika winter jacket on the closest man.

Unfortunately, my friends who gave me the glass do not know who made it, as they are not even sure who gave it to them. They were presented with a lot of stuff on their recent trip to Russia, by a lot of different people. Someone gave them this glass without showing it, it was covered.

In Sweden, giving away presents is a serious matter. In Russia people just love to give away stuff even to people they have just met. I have experienced this myself. The Russians are truly generous hosts, I dare say.

Well, have you ever seen a diorama (or vignette) like this before? If so, where?

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