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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Last OSS Base in Sweden Found

This is when I had just reached the OSS base Sepals I. Now, finally, the base Sepals Gorgon has been located.

Today most Swedish kiosks will be reached by some rather exciting news about Sweden during WWII. In the latest issue of the magazine Soldat & Teknik I reveal that the OSS-base Sepals Gorgon at last has been located in Swedish Lapland.

As I have documented in Germans and Allies in Sweden I have visited the WWII OSS bases Sepals I to III. They were basically secret US bases in the Swedish mountains 1944-45, with Norwegian soldiers - some of whom had been "police troops" and some of whom had been trained by the British SOE. In the new issue of Soldat & Teknik there is a six-page article about Sepals including some new photos and the news that the last unlocated base, Sepals Gorgon, now has been found.

Neither yours truly nor the author of the book Operation Sepals, Roger Albrigtsen, have managed to locate the fourth base, Sepals Gorgon, which for some time was the HQ for all Sepals bases. Well, now it has been located - by three of our readers!

Roger and I have known the approximate position of Sepals Gorgon but have still just not been able to find anything. This is somewhat explained by the difficult terrain and the fact that the buildings were taken down at the end of the war. But all military bases leave traces behind and we have therefore not stopped thinking about someday finding remains of Sepals Gorgon. So, three hikers from southernmost Sweden have beaten us to it. They started searching in 2005 and it took them six hikes until the final proof was secured this fall. Well, let me say congratulations to you, gentlemen! The proof is in the November issue of Soldat & Teknik.

In spite of the new discovery there are things about Sepals we do not yet know, and also about the equivalent British SOE bases on Swedish soil. Well, preparations have commenced for a new Sepals expedition and a special blog about this has just been started by the ham radio enthusiasts behind the project. Check it out, as well as this site in English about their previous project, about the Lancaster bomber "Easy Elsie" in Porjus (with Lancaster engine sounds, turn up the volume).

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