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Friday, November 23, 2012

Norwegian Ninja Takeover

Teaser for "Norwegian Ninja", my all-time favourite action comedy

The recent BBC report that Japanese Ninjas are soon only history need not cause alarm. Norwegian Ninjas lead the way!

"Norwegian Ninja" is a Norwegian action comedy about the classic Cold War.

Time to face the music, move over Japan!


  1. Please remember that this movie attempts to portrait the convicted traitor Arne Treholt as less of a Quisling that he is. This film would be funny if any other name was used.

  2. I respect your point of view, anonymous. Mine is that the film´s Arne Treholt is so hilarious that it is hard for me to see a benefit for the real Treholt. Also, AFAIK, the real Treholt did not kill anyone - although, of course, treachery has the potential to indirectly kill a lot of people.
    Kind regards,