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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hitler News of 2013

Wartime newsreel showing Hitler meeting Croatian fascist leader Ante Pavelic. The latter made it to Argentina, hardly the former.

The well-established Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post on Saturday wrote about a coming Israeli documentary film, "Revealed: Hitler in Argentina". The film will no doubt result in more articles about it during 2013. Here is my take.

"Revealed: Hitler in Argentina" is inspired by the book Hitler’s Escape by Patrick Burnside, but the Israeli filmmakers have added research of their own, all according to the Jerusalem Post article. However, as I have read the book Grey Wolf (2011) by the British authors Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams, I am struck by the similarities with that book. From the JP article and the trailer it links to it seems quite clear to me that "Revealed: Hitler in Argentina" and the coming book by Burnside differ not that much from Grey Wolf.

One does get a thousand or so facts from reading the sometimes exciting Grey Wolf but, ultimately, it is a mystery to me why the authors, one of whom (Simon Dunstan) has written a long list of serious books on military history, chose to release this book as a serious book and not semi-fiction. Because aside from facts and some sane conclusions the book contains a long row of unbelievable statements and conspiracy theories. Simply put unconvincing when it comes to the most important parts, the escape via Denmark (remember, there is always a Nordic connection!) and Argentinian aftermath.

What is highly interesting is how and why Argentina and other South American states actually did harbour so many Third Reich mass murderers, not least Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann and Croatia's own Hitler, Ante Pavelic. Grey Wolf contains some passages about these as well as the less known SS-general Ludolf von Alvensleben. However, these and some Berlin 1945 parts can't save the book.

As I see no indication of the coming film and book doing a better job than Grey Wolf in presenting basically the same story, I have grave doubts about them.

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