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Monday, March 21, 2011

Leif Oistad, RIP

At the OSS NORSO Group memorial in Krokoms kommun in north Sweden. To the right is Norwegian OSS-volunteer Leif Oistad, who passed away on Thursday. To the left is his wartime soldier and peacetime friend Sivert/Ron Windh of Sweden, who passed away in 2007.

On Thursday Leif Oistad, a Norwegian volunteer of OSS Operational Groups, passed away. This happened just twelve days after he was presented with a last medal from the King of Norway.

Here is the official obituary for Leif.

The last time I met Leif was ten years ago. He had experienced much during WWII, both as a sailor and soldier. Both Norway and the United States have now lost a good man.

In Sweden, by lake Landösjön, stands a memorial to the memory of Leif Oistad and his squad, on the spot where they landed by parachute. After having very briefly been "imprisoned" in Sweden, Leif and his men could join up with the main party of the OSS NORSO Operational Group on the Swedish-Norwegian border and perform some final acts of sabotage against German troop transports through Norway.

Both Leif Oistad and his best friend from the OSS, Sivert/Ron Windh, were born in 1922.


  1. Roger Albrigtsen30 March 2011 at 21:11


  2. He was a great person and loved his family. I will miss the stories of the war.

  3. Louise E Jones Heidorn8 August 2011 at 03:16

    Anyone still alive who remembers 1st Lt Blain E Jones of the B 24 Liborator that crashed in Lake Javsjon area in Norway 1945

  4. I am Blair Jones grandson who was Blains brother. I have started digging into their history and would love to talk to you about what you might now.

    1. My name is Andrew and I am a member of the Special Forces Association, Ch52, Mons Belgium. Members of the Chapter visited Blain Jones's grave site in the Ardennes Sat 26 May 2018. Andrew.f.martin18@gmail.com