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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Swedish American El Dorado

El Dorado and Sir Walter Raleigh will be in the news this summer, thanks to a Swedish American author. Here we see Raleigh´s final moment on earth (illustrator unknown).

Yes, I know that I have not yet written the promised piece about Gereon Goldmann. In due time... Right now I just have to mention a coming book that I am very excited about. I happen to know a bit about the real-life adventures behind the making of it.

Hitherto neglected documents in a Swedish archive will this summer lead to El Dorado and Sir Walter Raleigh being in the news. The coming Treasure, Treason and the Tower (July 2011) by Swedish American UCLA-Professor Paul R. Sellin will shake the widely-accepted view of El Dorado raider Sir Walter Raleigh.

Join up with Sir Walter Raleigh and Paul Sellin in the quest for fortune in the jungle!

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