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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Gas Masks in the Arctic

The brand new paperback edition of "Sweden, the Swastika and Stalin".

Last year I blogged about John Gilmour´s impressive analysis of Sweden in the Second World War, Sweden, the Swastika and Stalin. The bound version of that book was quite expensive. Now there is a paperback version with a revised cover.

Not only is the new edition more affordable, the exterior is also more attractive, the cover photograph featuring Swedish ski troops with Browning Automatic Rifles and wearing gas masks, an exotic image I had not seen before.

This sentence from the back cover says a lot both about the book itself and the modern WWII debate in Sweden:

"The book also shows how Sweden successfully dealt with Germany and the Soviet Union - two of the world´s most brutal regimes - and survived as an independent, democratic nation, but remains obsessed with the morality of its wartime policies".

You really should get this book if you want to better understand modern Swedish history and society.

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