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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweden´s No 1 MIA

Not long ago I blogged about Sweden´s most famous MIA, Raoul Wallenberg. I was then not aware of the latest book about him, The Envoy by Alex Kershaw. If you have the slightest interest in Wallenberg, read it!

Here´s why: its up to date, very disturbing, very well written and also inspiring. If you ever have a hard time, stop and ponder what happened to Raoul Wallenberg, and more specifically how he was let down.

I have a stack of books I want to review but will be short of time till I don´t know when. So instead of reviewing books only this fall, I will instead write very short reviews. Thus I will only add that not only is this book a great read and important for what it says about Wallenberg and the late efforts to find him, it also vividly describes events in Budapest like Otto Skorzeny´s Operation Panzerfaust.

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