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Monday, July 30, 2012

British Army Swede Missed By Vatican

Yesterday I got a sad tiding about Lars Rooth, one of the Swedes who during WWII voluntarily joined the British and who is featured on several pages in Swedes at War. My namesake passed away on July 21.

Lars Rooth was most helpful to me even though he probably did not like remembering his wartime days. He served in the British Intelligence Corps (the only Swede in that branch) and the unique British 79th Armoured Division, full of very specialized tanks, and then went on to serve the Vatican as a very radio savvy priest, becoming a friend of the former pope, John Paul II.

In fact, the Vatican has issued this news article about the death of Lars Rooth.

As the Swedish media is still mostly on holiday, his death has yet to be reported by Swedish newspapers.

Lars Rooth died 90 years old in Uppsala, and will be buried there on August 22.

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