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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Burnt By The Critics

The actors playing Stalin and Beria have an uncanny likeness to the real persons. This trailer has no subtitles, but the DVD has.

I just saw a grand Russian war movie, "Exodus", the first half of "Burnt By The Sun 2". For long I chose not to see it. Because I believed in the massive flak that the movie got. Well, I was wrong.

Of course, many scenes and details can be questioned. But, if you treat the movie like a novel about WWII I think it works fine. Some things are in fact better than in most WWII movies. In particular, I believe, the way many things look, like the uniforms. Most uniforms in this film look as if they have actually been used for months or even years.

Bluntly put, forget the critics and see the movie yourself!


  1. Is there a Burnt By The Sun 1? What other Russian war Movies can you recommend? I know there is one recently made Russian war Movie about Operation Barbarossa seen from the Russian point of view. But what is that Movie called? I'd like to see them.

    Roger Klang

  2. Burnt By The Sun is a classic from 1994. Click on "movies" in blue above to see my previous movie tips.