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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lars Wars

The Lars homestead in Tunisia was in bad shape but was recently restored by some true fans. If you read this: well done, guys.

As a Swedish fan of Star Wars from the very start, i.e. 1977, I have always been extra happy with my name, a Nordic version of Lawrence, even though Owen Lars of episode IV was far from heroic. But what about other Star Wars connections to the Nordic countries?

I am into Star Wars trivia, as you may have noticed from some of my previous Star Wars posts. But there are some things I have yet to do, like travel to the Star Wars locations above and below. The below one in Finse, Norway, actually not being that far, far away.

The Star Wars fan guide to Finse, Norway.

Another Star Wars project I would like to start is the one I intend to start right here and now, by compiling Star Wars trivia connected to the Nordic countries. I am priveleged to have relatives in all Nordic countries and have a special love for travelling within our area.

Obviously, the Finse connection to the planet Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back" is the main connection (Hoth = Finse). But then we also have Mark Hamill´s Swedish family roots. Incidentally, I saw a scene in a Swedish action movie being shot in Murmansk, with Hamill as the main villain. The movie in question, "Hamilton" (1998) was not one of the best motion pictures ever made, but not all that bad either.

Finally, Shmi Skywalker Lars, mother of Anakin Skywalker and grandmother to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, is portrayed by Swedish actress Pernilla August. More about Shmi Skywalker Lars here.

Well, that is all that comes to my mind right now. But what about Finnish and Danish connections? And surely there are some more Swedish and Norwegian connections. Please help, you are my only... comment below please.

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