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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

S-tanks in Cold War Battle

I was surprised to learn that there is a board game about my old tank outfit, Sweden´s only Arctic tank battalion. But the tank I was trained to use, the much-hyped turretless S-tank, never fired a shot in anger. So which war is "Operation Garbo" about?

Yours truly in 1989 doing an advert for a kind of "tankers spam" in front of my strv 103C, better known as the S-tank.

Well, the war is one that thankfully never took place. But the year that the game company has chosen for this war, was quite aptly chosen, I believe.

I sure look forward to getting to play myself 20 years younger, and some of the other games by Lock´ n Load Publishing. Are you reading this, Father Christmas?


  1. Why not play with so called micro armor miniatures insted.


    This company sells polish made miniatures of Viggen, Draken, Gripen, BV 206, IKV 91, Pvp 1110, Strv 103, CV90 and Pbv 203 ect together with special rules for this scale.

    It's a time consuming work to paint them...

    I have seen references of using this companies miniatures in LnLP games.


  2. The game deals with WWIII in 1985. But some scenarios in Op Garbo is loosely based on action from the book "Operation Garbo" which was published about 15-20 ys ago.

    You need the game "Eisenbach Gap" or "Blood and Brigdes " to play this expansion thought

  3. Den dar snödräktsjackan var inte att fika med... Jag som trodde att min gradassiga och sotsjaskiga M90-snodrakt var hojden av skitighet. Det ska du ha cred for!

  4. The S-tank may have been much hyped in Sweden but it certain is maligned elsewhere. Which is a shame it has some advantages over the M-60, Leopard 1, AMX-30. although none of them could resist hits from a dart round in the front, the S-tank alone could withstand HEAT from a very generous arc over the front.

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