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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sweden´s Only Flying Ace

Someone (not me!) has just created a Wikipedia page in English about William Yngve Anderson. Anderson is the P-51 Mustang pilot from Sweden on the cover of Swedes at War.

Coincidentally, or not, this week an article I wrote about Anderson was published, including an interview with him and his wife Lois. It was published in the Swedish monthly Militär Historia ("Military History").

According to my research William Anderson is the only person from Sweden to have attained flying ace status, which requires an official score of at least five victories. Anderson´s is seven.

All three P-51s flown by Anderson were called "Swede´s Steed".

In 2011 Mr. Anderson will turn 90. He has had a stroke and has difficulties to speak, but his wife Lois says that he has retained his sense of humour.


  1. Tack Lars,

    Jag tänkte bara slänga in den här länken där det finns en bild på en av Andersons P-51.


  2. Kramfors största flygaress - http://lae.blogg.se/2007/march/swedes-steed-iii.html

  3. Hej Lars. Har du inte funderat att skriva en bok om William? Ett fascinerande levnadsöde med flytt till usa i unga år, en händelserik WWII karriär etc. Hade varit fantastiskt att ha en biografi över Sveriges enda flygaräss.