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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Battle of Narvik Tour

One of my favourite finds during the 2010 hikes around Narvik, a Norwegian soldiers´s collapsible spade, a moment after it was spotted by a British friend. It should still be there, on the mountain of Kuberget.

The March 2011 issue of Armchair General magazine is on its way to subscribers and newsstands. It features an article by yours truly, entitled "Dietl, Hero of Narvik".

As a Web Extra complementing my article, there is this new Self Guided Tour of the Narvik area that I made. Since I wrote it, a new book has appeared that you should get before venturing out on a battlefield hike. The book is in Norwegian but has many photos and above all GPS maps of the southern Narvik battlefields. It is simply a must-have for exploring the southern area. The title is Slaget om Narvik: Sydfronten, the author is local WWII historian Oyvind Johnsen.

In addition, this Narvik Luger story of mine has also been published online by Armchair General.

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