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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guarding the Border in 1941

Here are three Swedish soldiers in 1941, guarding the Swedish-Finnish border by Haparanda. An image never before published, from the collection of fellow author Göran von Knorring.

No, the SMG is not a MP 40, its a Swedish one, but I am not quite sure which one. The hand grenades may look German, but are Swedish.

Does anyone know the exact spot? Surely that border marker is gone, or?


  1. Lite google gav detta:


  2. Såg nu att nederdelen verkar vara annorlunda.

  3. The SMG looks like an Swedish Kpist m/37-39(Finnish Lahti) with a box magazine(manufactured in gun factory of Eskilstuna) containing 56 rounds of 9 mm Browning Long cartridges(Swedish designation m/07). Source link in Swedish:



  4. Hi, the exact point is here:


    The national border sign must be moved to the opposite side of the road, that the reason why the basement of the sign shows difference. We see the red painted barn behind soldiers is still there!!

    emilkarhu from Japan