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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saluting Keith Bonn

Keith Bonn, Kit, thank you so very much for believing in the importance of translating Svenskar i krig (Swedes at War). I am so sad you did not live to see the review of Swedes at War in the January issue of Armchair General. An excerpt:

"Patricia Bonn, editor in chief for Aberjona Press, a company founded by the late Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Keith Bonn, has done military history enthusiasts a great service by publishing this English translation of Westberg and Gyllenhaal´s 2004 book Svenskar i krig 1914-1945."

Let me here just add that Swedes at War is a revised and slightly expanded version of the Swedish manuscript. There are also several new photos in the English-language version, and the size of the illustrations is generally larger.

Many thanks also to Patricia Bonn and the book´s translator, Carl Gustav Finstrom. The energy and amount of time you put into this project is astounding.

The Armchair General review of our book is not online, but this short recommendation is.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, our book has again become available from the largest online seller. It has been out of stock for months for some reason I do not understand.

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