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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Luftwaffe Fighters and Fighter-Bombers

The book Luftwaffe Fighters and Fighter-Bombers over the Far North (2008) by the Norwegian authors Andreas Brekken and Kjetil Åkra contains good historic summaries re. the Luftwaffe fighter and fighter-bomber units in the Arctic regions of Finland, Norway and the Soviet Union in 1940-1945. The many illustrations are just amazingly good.

Luftwaffe Fighters and Fighter-Bombers over the Far North (2008)

This book above all delivers many fantastic b/w photos, superb color plates and also some color photographs.

I find it hard to write something negative about this book as it is not only comprehensive given the scope of the title, it is also quite simply a very beautiful book.

Some might wonder about the number of pages: 160. Well, its a large format book so thats just fine.

In short a must-have if you are interested of the Luftwaffe in this extreme geographic area during WWII or just into painting Luftwaffe scale models.

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