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Monday, September 20, 2010

Unidentified Submerged Objects in Norway

Fellow author and friend Roger Albrigtsen in Lakselv in Arctic Norway has sent me three photos I cannot really help him out with. Perhaps someone reading this blog can? I am therefore publishing these photos here, with permission from Roger.

The photos show two unidentified objects of which one, the carriage, is still submerged in a river by Lakselv:

Submerged carriage by Lakselv, presumably from the Wehrmacht. Underwater photo by local diver Odd-Bjørn Henriksen.

From another angle.

My guess is: part of a mobile German field kitchen. What do you think? Perhaps someone even knows the type?

This gasmask looks kind of Soviet 1930s to me. But I have been unable to identify it in my books about Soviet equipment. Does anyone recognize the model?

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  1. Hi Lars

    It's an Infanteriekarren lf.8



  2. Thanks Simon :) I hope to salvage this next summer :)

  3. Hi Lars,

    Hope you can read this. At first I thought the gas mask looked very much like an Italian Pirelli or one of its licenced copies, but the lack of a voice emitter soon ruled out that possibility. The mask is made from what seems to be a rubber-impregnated fabric of some sort, which definitely rules out the Soviet hypothesis (they used rubber for all their military anti-NBC equipment). The Swedish gas masks from the same period were rather more sophisticated than the example on your photo, so maybe it is German (large eye pieces); the Finnish M.38 is somehow similar, but has a voice emitter under a membrane. I will try to investigate it further.
    Kind regards,
    R. Vieira