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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cold War Hipsters

Yesterday I finally got to see one of the most brilliant and inspiring Russian movies ever made, IMHO: "Stilyagi" (Hipsters). It may be mainly a comedy/drama and musical but it also about the Cold War and even to some extent about WWII, as is evident from this Youtube-clip:

The official movie website is not worse, albeit only in Russian.

There are so many things about this film that I like. To mention at least one I love the way rock songs from the 1980s also are part of the film. Here is an example with an adaptation of one of my favourite Nautilus Pompilius songs:

This film was released in 2008. I wonder if anything comparable was made last year or this year? I doubt it.

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  1. Hey Lar,Hipsters is finally being released on DVD with english subs! Hipsters DVD release with english subtitles from amazon

    Do share as I know alot of people have been waiting for this one!