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Monday, November 01, 2010

Norwegian Stalingrad Poster Unique?

I have been wondering about this Norwegian propaganda poster ever since I "discovered" it in the Defence Museum in Oslo in the mid-1980s. By the way, is it still hanging there today?

The words "Stalingrad er tatt!" are Norwegian and mean "Stalingrad has been taken!".

I understand that the poster was produced by the Norwegian Quisling government and never displayed during the war and most copies were destroyed. What I do not know is:

1. Was there a German, French etc version of this poster of which none have survived, or was it unique for Norway already at the time?

2. Exactly who made it?

The source for the below info on this poster (see first comment) is the Norwegian book Den Norske Nasjonalsosialismen (1990) by Hens Fredrik Dahl, Bernt Hagtvedt and Guri Hjeltnes (1990). Thanks T-H!


  1. Lars,
    This poster was made on order from the Presseabteilung of Terbovens Reichskommisariat in Norway, and not for Quislings Nasjonal Samling.
    The artist was Alexej Zaitzow and it was made in 50.000 examples but sent for destruction as Stalingrad never fell...


  2. Interesting that they include the oil rigs in the Caucasus. An indication of how they saw the real objective perhaps?

  3. Yes I think so, Simon!

    See update above.